7 Secrets to Preparing for Divorce

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Bouncing back after middle aged divorce with a smile and a few lessons learned.  Learning to be single at middle age also helped me see the bigger picture of who I am and what I want to do with my life.

Hi, I’m Terri…single at middle age society

As an only child of a single parent, I think family is super important and loved the big family I inherited when I got married. However, that big beautiful family was ripped from me the day divorce was mentioned. Losing my husband was hard, but losing my family, my “couples” friends, and my church group (a couples group) was more than I could handle.

Raising kids alone is hard. Being single at middle age and feeling isolated and tossed away by everyone I loved was just too much. It took me years to bounce back but I did. My mission is to stop your downward spiral and get you back on track as soon as possible. No one should have to do life alone!

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