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Midlife with Sweet T Was Specifically Designed for YOU (and here’s why)

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I am tired of looking around and seeing midlife women in their 40’s and 50’s being compared to 20 and 30-somethings when it comes to beauty and vitality. I absolutely love YouTube, but I struggle to find vloggers who look like me. Having to touch up root color and actually conceal wrinkles instead of perfecting 50 ways to line your eyes–no of which I can do!

Middle aged women need to be represented.

I tried following one of those young beauty influencers. Picture this, me in my weenie dog pj’s at a light up mirror for over an hour trying to layer on the 15 lbs of foundation and contour so that I have that perfect fresh look and hiding all the imperfections…

Well, mine looked more like the Sahara dessert. My face was cracking in all my creases. Women over 40 just do not have the skin to handle all that powdering.

Middle aged woman with too much makeup

Midlife women need to focus on mind, body, & soul.

Since I am turning 49 soon and, although I look ok, I certainly have noticed my face fell along with my arms, my boobs, and my thighs! I don’t quite need support hose but I am definitely looking for ways to hide it or tone it.

When I was finally able to consider getting back into society after my 2 years of self pity after my divorce, I was looking for suggestions that worked to make me feel like somebody. I was already feeling bad about everything so seeing perky young girls telling me how to adult just wasn’t working.

Being middle aged is hard. Everything is changing. Your body for sure. Your career or lack there of is making you realize you have wasted too much time. Money still is paycheck to paycheck but with bigger bills now. Kids don’t need you much anymore and may even be busy adulting themselves. Add to that being solo after a divorce or split with a significant other and it can be overwhelming!

Midlife needs to be celebrated.

Because I hit bottom so hard, I just do not want anyone else feeling alone. I really do want women in their prime to take back control over social media! Check out my favorite blogs by women here. https://midlifewithsweett.com/2021/02/my-5-favorite-middle-aged-influencers-that-you-need-to-follow/

We have paid our dues, followed the rules, and raised our kids. If we have a few lines or grays, we have earned them. So, here is my mission:

  • Pull together women in their midlife as a community for support.
  • Take over social media by inspiring middle aged women to stand out and be proud.
  • Share my insights and gain new ideas from you, my sisters.

Midlife is already an adventure. Singles over 40 and over 50 are pushing past the limits and daring to do more and see more than ever before! Find your tribe and start living today!

So many people are struggling with aging, transitioning to the next phases in life, and the emotional trials of divorce and I just could not find a good resource when I was there. So, I decided to build it.

Now, please don’t expect me to teach anyone about how to put on makeup or style clothing because I wear scrubs all day and almost never wear makeup. I am talking life stuff. The ups, the downs, the quirky things that only your sisters can talk about. This is that place. I encourage you to voice your opinion in all things. Each of us has a new perspective to bring to table and we can only grow by opening up to new ideas. I really hope you will join the discussion!

As always, kiss the ones you love, be thankful for what you have, and focus on who you are!

Hope to see you soon,


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